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  • Bin Bags
  • Carrier Bags
  • Pipes & Hoses
  • Plastic Garment Cover
  • Plastic Gloves
  • Polypropylene Woven Sacks
  • Polythene Sheeting
  • Tarpaulins
  • £6.25£119.80

    Stretch-Pallet Wrap

    Best quality clear pallet wraps made from highly stretchable material suitable for packaging pallets of goods or anything else that requires extra protection. The rolls are thick and wide making it easy to use and saves you time in packing. 5 star quality, use with utmost confidence. Save money with quantity orders, for wholesale enquiries please contact us.   Product details Size: 50cm (width) x 200m (length) Thickness: 25 microns Material: LLDPE Roll weight: 2 KG (approx.)
  • £4.99

    Polypropylene tonne bag

    Londark bulk bags are made from strong woven polypropylene material and is suitable for storage and transportation of heavy duty items such as bricks, stones, sands and other building materials. They can also be used for removals and garden waste. Very strong (up to 1 tonne) with 4 handles on top for fork-lifting.   Product details Material: Virgin Polypropylene Size: 90cm x 90cm x 100cm Colour: White with black handles *Please note the picture is for demonstration purpose, the handle colour is Black.
  • £11.66

    400 x Black Refuse Sacks

    We are one of the main distributors of these bags among London wholesalers and cash and carry shops.  Typical black refuse sacks that are found in supermarkets, off-licensee and convenient stores for a pound for a roll of 20 pieces. From us you can purchase a box of 20 rolls (400 pieces in total) for £11.50 (exc. VAT) and save £0.30 on each roll. Please note if you want the item to be delivered it is recommended to buy more than one box since each box weighs around 7.40 KG and the delivery for at least 2 boxes will be more cost efficient than a box. Alternatively if you are nearby you can always collect it from our shop without paying extra fee for delivery. For whole sale orders please contact us on 020 8891 1118 or Product Details  Material: Black recycled polythene Size: 65cm (width) x 82cm (Length) Thickness: 22 microns (Gauge: 90) Star-like stitch bottom for extra strength and load durability Brand: Phoenix
  • £8.99

    Blue Vest Carrier Bag

    Typical vest blue carrier bags used in supermarkets, off licenses, fruit shops, take-away etc. The bags are made from virgin polythene material and packed in boxes of approximately 1000 pieces. Please note, unlike our white vest bags the blue ones are not exactly 1000 pieces and usually vary between 850 - 900 pieces but they are slightly thicker and available on medium size only which is the most popular size. Product details Size:
    • Medium: 27.94cm x 43.18cm x 52cm (11" x 17” x 20.47”)
    Packing: 10 packs of 80 - 90 pieces in a box. Thickness: 16.5 microns Colour: Blue Sizing explanation: 
    • “Length” of the bag  is measured from the top of the handle to the bottom of the bag.
    • “Width” is measured when the bag is fully extended from the sides i.e. the gusset is included in the size of width.
  • £6.67£10.00

    Patch Handle Carrier Bags

    Coloured carrier bags made from 100% virgin polythene material with patch handle reinforced with an extra layer. These bags are currently available in red and blue. Product details
    • Patch handles with an extra layer for reinforcement
    • Thickness: 45 microns (small & medium), 50 microns (Large)
    • Packs of 100 pieces.
    • Ideal for use in fancy shops, gift shops, clothes shop, markets etc.
    • Small: 30cm x 40cm + x (11.81” x 15.75”)
    • Medium: 40cm x 50cm (15.75” x 19.69”)
    • Large: 50cm x 60cm (19.69” x 23.63”)
    • Small: £6.67 + VAT
    • Medium: £8.35 + VAT
    • Large: £10 + VAT
  • £8.33£11.65

    White Vest Carrier Bag

    Typical vest carrier bags used in supermarkets, off licenses, fruit shops, take-away etc. The bags are made from virgin polythene material and packed in boxes of 1000 pieces. Product details Sizes:
    • Small: 37cm x 44cm (14.56” x 17.33”)
    • Medium: 42cm x 52cm (16.53” x 20.47”)
    • Large: 47cm x 57cm (18.50” x 22.44”)
    Packing: 10 packs of 100 pieces in a box. (Total 1000 pieces) Thickness: 15 microns Colour: White Sizing explanation: 
    • “Length” of the bag  is measured from the top of the handle to the bottom of the bag.
    • “Width” is measured when the bag is fully extended from the sides i.e. the gusset is included in the size of width:
  • £14.99

    Black Heavy Duty Bin Liner

    Made from thick virgin polyethylene film, these bags are suitable for rubble, restaurant, kitchen, garden and building waste and in general heavy duty. Very strong and durable and could be used multiple times. Product details:
    • Length: 100cm (39.37")
    • Width: 80cm (31.49")
    • Capacity: 195 litre (approximately)
    • Thickness: 75 microns (Gauge: 300)
    • Colour: Black
    • Packing: 50 pieces in a box (5 packs of 10 pieces)
    Please note the size mentioned for width includes gusset.
  • £0.83£16.66

    Heavy Duty Polythene Sheeting

    The sheets are made from fine virgin polythene film with decent thickness. Unlike thinner sheets which could be easily ripped, these sheets are strong and could be used multiple times for protection of household items during refurbishment against paint, liquid spillage, dust or any other application that requires protection. This product could also be used as cover for small and big green houses at home, allotments etc. Product details
    • Made from virgin polythene film
    • Thickness: 100 microns (Gauge: 400)
    • Available widths: 2 and 4 meters (folded)
    • Different lengths available to be selected from the pick list.
    • Could be used as replacement for green house covers.
    • For bespoke order or to order in roll please contact us. 
    • Rolls available for sale: £2.20 per kg of roll (exc. VAT)
    • Weight of each roll is 50kg approximately and the width is 2 meters. (The sheet is folded)
  • £2.92

    Garden Bags (112 litres)

    Made from 100% virgin polypropylene (PP) material with an extra layer laminated.  Very strong and durable and could be used multiple times. This product is mainly used for garden work and collection of garden waste but it can also be used as a heavy duty bag for rubble, stone, sand or even for storing household items such as laundry, children toys etc. Product details:
    • Made from virgin polypropylene material.
    • Laminated layer for extra strength and water resistance.
    • Handles on top and bottom for easy carriage and discharge.
    • Lightweight for easy use and transportation.
    • Size: 40cm (Length), 40cm (Width), 70cm (Height)
    • Capacity of approximate: 112 litres
    • Colour: Green
    Similar products are available in sizes of 150 litres and 80 litres. Wholesale price is available for this product. Please contact us.
  • £45.00£76.65

    Underfloor Heating Pipes

    PEX - Aluminium - PEX multi-layer pipes are the best option for underfloor heating or any purpose that requires passage of hot water. This product encompasses the best combination of materials suitable for this purpose and over perform any other types of underfloor heating pipes such as PERT-Aluminium-PERT, PERT-EVOH-PERT or PEX-EVOH-PEX in terms of durability, operating temperature range and strength. Product details Material: The pipes are made of two layers of PEX (Cross-linked polythene) coated to the inner and outer surface of Aluminium by binders. (5 layers in total i.e. PEX/binder/Aluminium/binder/PEX) Operating temperatures:  Up to 95°C  (203°F) Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar Available size
    • 16 mm
    Packing: The pipes are packed in coil form with the following lengths:
    • 16mm: 200 meters.
    • 100 meters are currently out of stock.
    Quality control performed under ASTM 1281 and 1282. All the quality control tests are performed in a laboratory facilitated and approved by IPT Germany. For wholesale and container enquiries please contact us.
  • £1.75£22.99

    Plastic Garment Cover

    Made of 100% virgin low density polyethylene film, these covers are suitable for covering the garment, clothes. Mostly used by dry cleaners, clothes and fabric shops these covers maintain a great quality and protect your items against dust, liquid spillage, dirt etc. Product details Width: 51cm (20.07”) Lengths: 85cm (33.40"), 100cm (40"), 110cm (43.30"), 140cm (55.11") Colour: Plain (Clear) Film thickness: 22 microns (100 gauge) Weight: Each roll weighs approximately 10kg. Price: £21.99 + VAT
  • £14.99£61.99

    Tarpaulin Fabric

    Protecting the items left in the outdoors against wind, rain, sunshine etc. could be easier than one would think. Waterproof nature of the polyester fabric coated with PVC material results in a fabulous product known as tarpaulin which is the ultimate solution for this purpose. This material is mainly used in tent structures such as aid tents, shelter tents and arch tents. (Click for pictures). Ideal for covering items such as barbecue, boat, bicycle, garden furniture, pet hutches, hay pile etc. Available sizes:
    • 150cm x 200cm
    • 300cm x 300cm
    • 300cm x 400cm
    • Material: Polyester fabric coated with Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC) material
    • Waterproof
    • UV resistant
    • Fire retardant
    • 630 GSM fabric
    • Available in two forms; with and without eyelet.
    Bespoke offer available for high quantities. For your enquiry please contact us.
  • £4.58

    Plastic Gloves (x1000)

    Whether you want to cook and you don't want your hands to be in contact with the food or you want to protect your hands against harmful chemicals while dying your client's hair or filling the fuel tank in the gas station; these gloves are the cheapest and best option for you. Specification:
    • Material: Virgin polythene plastic (brand new material, not recycled)
    • General size; suitable for most of hands
    • Clear (see through)
  • £7.92£11.25

    Clear Vest Carrier Bags (x1000)

    Typical vest carrier bags with clear (see-through) visage mostly used in fruit shops, confectioneries, bakeries etc. Made from 100% virgin polythene film packed in cardboard boxes of 1000 pieces and available in 3 different sizes:
    • Small: 37cm x 47cm (14.57” x 18.50”)
    • Medium: 45cm x 55cm (17.71” x 21.65”)
    • Large: 55cm x 65cm (21.65” x 25.59”)
    Product specifications:
    • Made from virgin high density polythene film (HDPE)
    • Thickness: 12.50 microns
    • Colour: Clear (see-through)
    • Packing: 1000 pieces in a cardboard box
    Sizing explanation: 
    • "Length" of the bag  is measured from the top of the handle to the bottom of the bag.
    • "Width" is measured when the bag is fully extended from the sides i.e. the gusset is included in the size of width:

    Width = folded length + gusset Small: 37cm = 23cm + 14cm Medium: 45cm = 29cm + 17cm Large: 55cm = 35cm + 20cm


    • Small: 7.92 + VAT
    • Medium: 9.58 + VAT
    • Large: 11.25 + VAT
  • £8.10£14.99

    Heavy Duty Vest Bags (x500)

    Available in 3 different sizes: - Small: 30cm x 40cm - Medium: 37cm x 47cm - Large: 48cm x 55cm The width of the bag is measured when the bag is fully extended and unfolded from both sides. That means: 30cm = 19cm + 11cm 37cm = 23cm + 14cm 48cm = 33cm + 15cm The size mentioned for length is from bottom of the bag to the top of the handle. Material used: Virgin high density polyethylene (HDPE) Colour: Clear (See-through or Transparent) Features: 100% recyclable, ideal for carrying heavy duty, bottles, cans etc.