Customer’s Shipping Guide

We only work with well-known and trusted shipping companies to insure the satisfaction of our customers. All prices tabulated below have been directly obtained from shipping couriers, and we do not charge extra for packaging and shipments.

Parcel Weight (kg)Price (£)
Less than 1kg2.75
1 to 2kg3.95
2 to 5kg5.95
5 to 10kg7.95
10 to 15kg9.95
Parcel Weight (kg)Price (£)
Less than 1kg3.75
1 to 2kg4.95
2 to 5kg6.95
5 to 10kg8.95
10 to 15kg10.95
Parcel Weight (kg)Price (£)
Less than 0.5kg7.25
0.5 to 1kg8.55
1 to 2kg11.00
2 to 10kg26.60
10 to 20kg41.20

For shipments to non-UK destinations:

Please give us a call on 020 8891 1118 or email us at Alternatively, you can get in touch via the contact form on our Contact Us page.