Woven Garden Bag 150 litre (50 bags)

Woven Garden Bag 150 litre (50 bags)

£49.99 (inc. VAT £59.99)


Packaging: Box of 50 packed bags for retail sale or bulk use.

Made from 100% virgin polypropylene (PP) material with an extra layer laminated.  Very strong and durable and could be used multiple times. This product is mainly used for garden work and collection of garden waste but it can also be used as a heavy duty bag for rubble, stone, sand or even for storing household items such as laundry, children toys etc.


  • Made from virgin PP material.
  • Laminated layer for extra strength and water resistance.
  • Handles on top and bottom for easy carriage and discharge.
  • Lightweight for easy use and transportation.
  • Size: 50cm (Diameter), 80cm (Height)
  • Capacity of approximate: 150 litres
  • Colour: Green

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Weight 12 kg