400 x Black Heavy Duty Bin Bags (Rolls of 20)

400 x Black Heavy Duty Bin Bags (Rolls of 20)

£14.99 (inc. VAT £17.99)

Typical black refuse sacks that are found in supermarkets, off-licensee and convenient stores used for general household rubbish.

The difference between these bags and the yellow labelled ones is the way their bottoms are sealed. These bags have flat bottom seal (UK standard) providing more space for rubbish.

For delivery, it is recommended to buy more than one box since each box weighs around 7.40 KG and the delivery for at least 2 boxes will be more cost efficient than a box. Alternatively if you are nearby you can always collect it from our shop without paying extra fee for delivery. We offer FREE shipping to any order above £75.

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Product Details 

Material: Black recycled polythene

Size: 65cm (width) x 82cm (Length)

Thickness: 24 microns (Gauge: 90)

Quantity: 20 rolls in each box

Brand: Unbranded (Imported: Made for British Market)


Additional information

Weight 7.4 kg