• New cargo coming soon!


    It is a great pleasure for our team at Londark to announce that our next cargo full of new commodities is arriving soon.

    As a start up, our team have put a really hard effort throughout this time to work out our clients’ requirements and try to assure them of the high quality of our products and services. Hopefully with all the positive feedback we received from our customers on our ebay shop and through the phone calls and emails, we are now more than ever sure that the path we stepped in almost 2 years ago is towards brighter days.

    The new cargo contains products which have been sourced and produced based on our clients’ requirements and market demand. Our popular garden bags which were sold out in the early days will be back again on our stock with 2 new additional types. The quality of these bags has been remarkably increased compared to the previous ones with the changes we applied on the sewing method and the material used.

    coming soon garden bags

    The cargo also contains white vest carrier bags which will be available in 3 different sizes in the packs of 1000 pieces. Unlike our see-through bags, these bags are plain white and are suitable for supermarkets, conveiniet stores, off licenses etc. The quality of these bags are guaranteed and the prices, as always, will be very competitve.

    There will be lots of other new products such as laundry garment covers, industrial black bin liners, new types of woven bags and so on. Make sure that you check our website and social media pages frequently for new updates.

    We would like to thank you for trusting our brand and shopping with us.

  • New Website Launched + Promotions

     We are proud to announce the opening of our new website that has been designed with the aim of improving customer experience and satisfaction. With a larger range of products, we are here to provide you and your business with high-quality products with competitive prices you will not find anywhere else!