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  • Londark or Flavours of Sicily?

    We¬†noticed that a lot of people stop by our shop looking inside and then right afterwards look at our signage which reads “Flavours of Sicily”. Well in order to avoid any sort of confusion, I decided to dedicate a post explaining the situation.

    This property used to be an Italian restaurant and had been abandoned for almost a year when we took over. It took us almost 4 months to finish the works inside the shop as the property was not in a good condition and the whole process of changing a restaurant into a retail shop was a time consuming itself. Hopefully we were able to finish everything by the end of February and officially open the shop in March. However the missing bit was the signage which also happens to be the important one.

    We were looking for a type of sign system called flex face. It is a type of fabric made from PVC which pretty much looks like banner but maintains a high transparency and is installed on top of a light box. This feature allows easy passage of light illuminating the banner graphic when the light box is switched on. Although a brilliant method, this type of illuminated sign systems are not widely used in the UK and there are not too many companies producing them. And the prices… let’s not even talk about that as astronomy is not what we are specialised in!

    We have already ordered our new sign from overseas and it will be with us in the next couple of weeks and once it’s here we will put an end to all the confusions. In the meantime please do not pay attention to the sign, we are and always will be Londark!