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  • Make your own compost at home!

    Compost acts as a reinforcing agent for soil enriching it with nutrition that are essential for the growth of plants and agricultural crops. That is why sometimes it is referred as “Black Gold” for its prominent role in gardening and agriculture.

    Nowadays, it is popular to produce compost at home using compost makers filled with garden waste such as fallen leaves, branches, twigs, bushes etc. and waiting for a few months as microorganisms inside the contents convert the waste into compost through some chemical reaction. This is usually done in popularly used plastic compost makers which nowadays could be found in many houses. However we have come up with a brand new idea for shortening the process of production of compost, overcoming some of the issues that typical plastic compost makers have and of course reducing the price.

    Our PVC Tarpaulin made bags were initially introduced as typical waste bags for collection of garden rubbish and although theoretically we knew they could be utilised as compost makers, we would rather putting them into practice and seeing it ourselves before any advertisements. So we filled the bag with all the fallen branches, leaves and twigs in the garden and closed the cap leaving it for a couple of months. The result was absolutely stunning!


    Not only a fine pile of compost was produced, the whole process was also significantly accelerated compared to typical plastic compost makers. The explanation is easy and simple if you know the nature of the material used for this product. PVC tarpaulin is a strong 100% water proof fabric which is mostly used in tent structures and generally for protection purposes against sun, wind, rain etc. In typical plastic compost makers moisture could be easily evaporated through the gaps and open spaces of the item and every now and then you have to pour some water to maintain the humidity inside the compost maker in order for the reaction to go through.  However with a water proof fabric, evaporation rate would be almost zero percent. Technically, there is no need to add water in the first place as the moisture inside the content is sufficient and maintains a suitable environment for the whole process to be done with higher efficiency.

    Based on our experiment, by using PVC tarpaulin compost maker you could obtain a fine ready-to-use compost within 3 – 4 months time while with typical good quality compost makers this process could take up to 6 to 8 months and sometimes a year.

    The product is UV resistant and withstands sunlight decomposition as well as being fire retardant.

    Based on what said above by choosing this product you would:

    • use the bag for rubbish and garden waste collection.
    • benefit from the efficient method of making compost.
    • spend less money on a very good quality product.

    If you want to give this brilliant product a try, click here and buy it now as the summer is gradually arriving and garden works will soon commence.